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Ibrahima Hathie, Southern Voice Occasional Paper 17 :The Post-2015 Development Agenda Favourable Enough to Africans ?

Publié le 13 janvier 2015

Recently, there have been extensive discussions on the post-2015 international development agenda with the challenge of building a single framework and a set of universal goals, while recognising national differences.
Taking stock of the analysis of the current proposals at the global level, we analyse the Common African Position (CAP) elaboration process and its content. Despite some criticism from CSOs, the CAP is inclusive and successful, as Africa will speak with one voice and present a unified set of priorities into the upcoming negotiation process. Ownership and a willingness to align with these priorities during the international negotiation process will determine whether Africa has succeeded in getting its voice heard. This review has shown that key components of the African transformative agenda are missing from most of the international proposals. However, the outputs of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals seem to compensate most of the drawbacks identified.